As the skin is the largest organ of the body, is the immune systems first line of defense. It shields our internal organs from disease, injury and environmental stress.
It is imperative to help to protect it, which is why it is recommended to eat seven or more fruit and vegetables daily to keep the skin and
body in tip top condition.

Langerhans cells found within the epidermal layer of the skin are the key components of the immune system’s defense. These wonder cells protect the skin from foreign elements as well as promoting skin renewal and repairing damage caused by the sun and other environmental factors. These are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow. When they arrive at the epidermis, they develop small legs or dendrites, and automatically generate an immune response to the skin when they come into contact with ingredients they don’t recognize.
Now there’s a way to directly target these wonder cells with a new skincare line called INNARAH®, who have developed the natural skincare formulations using a unique bio-fermentation technique. As the ingredients go through this fermentation process they become more bio-available and are readily accepted by the Langerhans cells, so can penetrate the dermis more easily and keep the skin in tip top condition for longer.

Unlike most skin care formulations which are heated and blended this unique Bioferm process is modeled on ancient alchemical processes known as “Nigredo”(decomposition) and as the INNARAH® ingredients are fermented over time, the ingredients maintain their potency. As with red wine the formulas will not oxidise, and are far more concentrated.
To add to this revolutionary cocktail, Innarah use a highly potent form of glycolic acid (unbuffered), together with careful oxygenation to really bring the products to life! All done using zero synthetic ingredients.

In addition, the powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties within their plant extracts are enhanced by a Bio-resonance process (using scalar energy), helping to restore the vital energy of skin cells, further increasing cell uptake of nutrients into each and every cell. Therefore working faster, and producing stronger results.
For that lit from within glow, Innarah are offering a £30 voucher to celebrate their UK launch. Visit and enter UK30 at checkout.