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The Story

INNARAH means “illumination” in many ancient languages and our logo symbolises eternity.  Together, they define our brand commitment to help our clients feel beautiful inside and out.

Our product line has been professionally developed from over 4 decades of research from some of the globe’s top dermatologists and led by Manzoor H Jaffery – the scientist who made his mark in history for being the first to discover the anti-ageing properties of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, and patented Glycolic acid as a therapeutic skin product.

His initial inspiration came from a 1939 paper by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the scientist who won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of Vitamin C. With “On Oxidation, Fermentation, Vitamins, Health, and Disease” he became a pioneer in applications of fermentation, and Jaffery eventually built on his thoughts. He was working with crushed grapes, when he developed an idea to ferment other herbs like you would ferment grapes—that is how the idea for INNARAH was born. 

Jaffery was educated and trained as a Pharmacist, studying in both the United States and abroad. He received his license in New York and managed his own pharmacy for over a decade, until becoming fully engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of revolutionary skincare products. He has spent most of his career as a scientist, developing over 500 unique cosmetic formulations for the Cosmetics and Dermatological trade.

The Science

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it maintains its own extensive immune system, called the Langerhans Cells. These wonder cells are the defense matrix of the epidermis, and are essential to skin health.

The Langerhans Cells are white blood cells generated in the bone marrow that differentiate when they arrive in the epidermis, where they develop small legs, or dendrites. These are the skin’s guardians, programmed to induce an immune response when something they don’t recognize comes in contact with the skin. Ingredients that have been treated with INNARAH’s proprietary fermentation technique are accepted by the Langerhans Cells.

These pre-digested nutrients are accepted as the cell structure changes which triggers the skin to act, readily assimilating the ingredients into the epidermis, thereby preventing any cellular imbalance, which has been shown to generate free radicals and accelerate ageing.

Each ingredient is fermented in a special atmosphere and oxygen condition in order to ensure maximum efficacy. It is the first and only formulation to use this technology.

By working in cooperation with the human biology, INNARAH acts as a biocatalyst, reducing skin damage at a cellular level. Due to the formula being assimilated into the skin cells on a molecular level, the products are good for any skin type. This process of bio-fermentation and its complex ingredients are unique to INNARAH. 

The Source

From our Marine Phytoplankton harvested on the unspoiled beaches of Brazil, to our Red Grapes sourced from trusted organic farmers, our chemical free formulas contain only the highest quality natural ingredients from all over the world.

Formulated without: – Parabens – Petroleum – Pesticides – Phthalates – artificial dyes – Sodium Lauryl Sulfates -Propylene or Butylene Glycol – Fragrances, and anything else mother nature didn’t create.

These ingredients such as Petroleum, butylenes and propylene glycol are generally used because they are inexpensive fillers. They feel slick on your skin and can enhance the feel of a product in an unnatural way. These ingredients are often combined with dioxane and can halt the absorption of good ingredients as it acts as a barrier to the inner layers of the skin. Our fermentation process allows products to be easily recognized and absorbed by the skin. Inclusion of these ingredients would seriously impact the absorption of the ingredients we have so carefully researched and selected for your skin.


Non GMO *Unscented  *Not tested on animals. *Eco friendly. *100%natural. *Organic where possible

The Process

This proprietary formulation process is radically different from that used in most cosmetic formulations, where ingredients are typically blended together and heated.
Our unique Bioferm process is modeled on ancient alchemical processes known as “Nigredo” (decomposition).

Our process is raw, using no heat, ingredients are fermented over time, while carefully maintaining oxygen levels. Thus preserving the delicate botanical oils and maintaining antioxidant potency, without the need for added preservatives. In fact, the ingredients are naturally potentised during the process; much like with red wine; therefore the end product is highly concentrated. 

All INNARAH® products are housed in special biophotonic Miron glass, allowing the concentrated formulations to continue being activated and energized as the molecules still absorb ultraviolet light, while the damaging rays is filtered out, maintaining the potency of the formulations.

The Results

  • Inner luminosity revealed
  • Instantly smoothed fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter more even toned skin
  • Deeply hydrated and plumed skin
  • Pores refined and reduced 
  • Faded hyper-pigmentation
  • Sun and environmental damage reversed
  • Oxygenated and detoxified skin cells
  • Defused under-eye puffiness